SPE KU Career Conference

We were honoured to have been part of the 4th Annual SPE Career Fair that has just ended. The career fair; whose theme was ‘Africa Rising’ began on the 10th of March and was being held at Kenyatta University.

As a key player in the oil and gas industry in Kenya, we have always supported the Society of Petroleum Engineer in their efforts to provide mentorship and training to students studying technical and engineering degrees in the oil and gas industry.

Last year, we published an engineering survey ‘Mind The Gap Survey’ that highlighted the lack of practical experience that students are exposed to as part of their engineering courses which can leads to them struggling when on internships or when they get a job after graduation.  We were thrilled to be able to share our knowledge and expertise with eager and brilliant minds at the Career Fair. We took samples from our lab, giving students the opportunity to run tests, particularly measuring the density of fluids.  The students were very engaged and excited to put into practice what they normally only have the opportunity to read about in books.

These annual SPE career fairs offer a very important resource, and as the SPE CEO and Executive VP Mark Rubin put it, provide opportunities:

  • To learn new things that people in the industry are working on.
  • To learn from people who have solved very difficult problems in their industry.
  • And, to meet people who can help you in the industry and help you get the knowledge you need.

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